Thursday, July 9, 2009


Dominion Bureau of Statistics estimates for June 1, 1969:
Alberta--1,561,000; Northwest Territories--32,000

Metropolitan areas: Montreal--2,553,000; Toronto--2,316,000; Vancouver--980,000; Winnipeg--534,000; Edmonton--437,000; Calgary--375,000.
Calgary’s growth from 1968-69 was estimated at 3.7%, the fastest growth rate in Canada. St. John’s was second (3.1%), and Edmonton third (3.0%). Calgary’s growth from 1966-69 was estimated at 13.3%, also the fastest in Canada, followed by Saskatoon (11.2%) and Edmonton (9.0%).

Thursday, July 17--the Dominion Bureau of Statistics announced that Canada’s birth rate last year (1968, that is) was the lowest in recorded history, at 17.6 per 1,000 people. Quebec had the country’s lowest rate at 16.3, Newfoundland the highest at 25.3. The total number of births in Canada in 1968 was 364,310, the lowest figure since 1948.

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