Thursday, July 9, 2009


--The cost of mailing a letter in Canada was 6c.

--A chocolate bar, a bag of potato chips, a phone call, and a newspaper each cost a dime.

--Comic books cost 15c; the latest issue of Mad magazine was 35c cheap; Mad paperbacks had recently increased in price from 50c to 60c.

--The price of record albums varied from place to place, but could be anywhere from $3.99-$5.76.

--Only Ontario and Quebec were on daylight time in Canada.

--Homosexual acts and abortion had been legalized in Canada just a few days earlier.

--No Canadian Football League stadium had artificial turf. Bryan Hall was in his fifth season as "Voice of the Eskimos" on CJCA in Edmonton.

--Northwest Territories license plates were rectangular, with black lettering on an orange background. The territorial crest was on the left side, and a metal tag with the last two digits of the current year was on the right side. Alberta license plates had gold lettering on a black background.

--If you were in the Northwest Territories, you were able to receive live coverage of the moon landing only by radio; the only television service was from 7 P.M.-11 P.M.--CBC, black and white, and seven days late.

--Although colour TV was no longer a novelty, a number of programs were still in black and white, including Take 30, Stampede Wrestling, and about half of CBC’s Canadian Football League telecasts.

--In Peanuts that week, Charlie Brown was heartbroken; the little red-haired girl moved away, and Charlie Brown hadn’t had the nerve to tell her how he felt about her.

Wednesday, July 16--in The Edmonton Journal, Woodward’s was advertising Westinghouse refrigerators for $349.95, portable dishwashers for $298.00, and deluxe 30" ranges for $279.95.

Thursday, July 17--The United States Department of Commerce reported that the economy continued to grow, but at a slower rate in the second quarter of 1969, while the high rate of inflation continued. More than half of the $16.4 billion rise in the Gross National Product represented higher prices.

Monday, July 21--Eaton’s was advertising men’s suits from $49.99-89.00. Men’s Florsheim shoes were selling for $22 per pair.

Wednesday, July 23--in The Edmonton Journal, Woodward’s was advertising the RCA Mark II Colour TV set for $749.95, and the RCA Solid State Stereo for $268.00.

--in the Ottawa Citizen, Freimans was advertising its August fur sale: Canadian Pastel Mink for $1,350 or $899; Labrador Otter for $1,000; Cape Seal for $700; Beaver for $650.

--The United States Department of Labor reported that consumer prices had risen substantially in June, bringing the annual trend in rising prices for the first six months of the year to 6.4%--its greatest level since 1951.

Thursday, July 24--in The Edmonton Journal, both Safeway and Loblaws were advertising steaks at $1.39/lb., and sirloin steaks at $1.19/lb.

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